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About Art in the Shed



A change is weekend workshops and private tuition.


2024 will be a little different for Art in the Shed as I'm making a few changes to the timetable.

As you know I've been offering weekly group classes, weekend day workshops and private tuition since I started 5 years ago. It's been a mad time and a great adrenaline rush and naturally, and happily, the more I teach, the more I learn and the more excited I get about the prospect of paint and colour and art in general. As a result of a very busy year last year, however, I began to  realise that I've not left much time in my week to do my own work and I'm missing it. 


So...I'm going to redress the balance and in order to give myself the time I've made the decision to stop weekend workshops and private tuition for the duration of 2024.


 NB: The weekly classes will continue as normal and everyone on the waiting list for spaces will be contacted when a place comes up.

Better go start painting then. x

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